Quality Policy

Manuel Obrero Ruiz, S.A (IMOR) considers quality to be an indispensable factor that must be immersed in all activities within the company and which is the responsibility of all employees in the company. More concretely Manuel Obrero Ruiz, S.A. has put in place a system of control and continuous improvement of quality in the company.


Product quality: Manuel Obrero Ruiz S.A. is a company that wants to achieve the best possible level of satisfaction from its customers, its beneficiaries and its users of pet products and its barbecues. It is in this way that the company adapts its manufacturing process to the expectations of its customers at all time


Manuel Obrero Ruiz S.A.’s main asset is based on a strong human factor. For this reason, within the framework of a company policy based on overall quality and based on the principle that quality is the responsibility of all employees who integrate the company, the development of human resources becomes our priority, thanks training plans, information and communication channels that enable all people to know and involve all employees in achieving the company’s quality objectives.


We guarantee the compliance of all products developed by Manuel Obrero Ruiz S.A with all legal and regulatory frameworks applicable to all our activities, and assure all our customers that all our products meet national and international standards.

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