Pet goods

Garden aviary 2m²

Aviary of 2 m² of surface by 2 meters high that allows to enter inside and be in direct contact with the animals.

The interior allows you to install all kinds of accessories for your pets decorating it to your liking.

The products, components and systems for assembling and expanding the steering wheels are patented in Spain and several countries in Europe.

4 m² Aviary with double door security cabin

In this garden aviary a security cabin with a double door system has been enabled.

The flyers can be configured in different ways. They can be expanded later if we want more space for our pets.

On the mesh panels, “pvc” panels can be placed to protect our pets from bad weather.

Garden aviary for parrots of 4 m² mixed roof

4 m² x 2 m high for psittacids.

The mesh has been designed horizontally. We have rotating stainless steel feeders.

Opaque panels can be placed to protect pets from the wind.

Observe two types of roof on the same aviary, mesh roof that will allow the birds to get wet whenever they want and the roof covered.

Any type of toy can be installed on the aviary.

Kennel with 2x2 m² roof

With the same system of union although with thicker mesh you can configure kennels.

They are recommended for medium-sized dogs and can be configured with a different surface area of 2m², 4m², 6 m², 8m²,… etc

In the same way several kennels can be placed in battery so that the intermediate panels are common with the adjacent kennel.